Calliope Poetry Series
Common Threads

Common Threads is annual publication of 7-10 poems by Massachusetts poets chosen by a Massachusetts poet, with a guide to reading and discussing the poems, videos of the poems being read (by the poets themselves when possible), and outreach to libraries, senior centers, book clubs, and more, to facilitate ~350 poetry discussion groups throughout the state in an effort to broaden the audience for poetry.




"This edition of Common Threads explores threshold moments—those boundaries between ourselves and others, the past and the present, what we perceive and what is. These poems show that, by crossing those thresholds and telling the stories, we enter new realizations and understandings, which in turn lead to transformation—the astonished discovery that we are all part of the greater whole, a connected universe."
- Alice Kociemba, Guest Editor

Are you planning to lead a discussion or writing group in 2016? Please let us know

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