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Alan Feldman Craft Workshop
New Date: Apr. 2, 2016
Alan Feldman
Topic: Jump-Start: a Generative Workshop
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Poems sometimes take us by surprise, as if they were in us all the while, but never gave us the least clue. This workshop will present writing ideas––not topics, primarily, but ways of making poems about almost any topic––designed to help participants entice poems they might not even have known they wanted to write. "Bring a notebook and lots of energy," Alan advises, "since I anticipate we'll each write two or three poems, and come away with ideas for many more."
Price  $ 25.00
Fred Marchant Craft Workshop
February 27, 2016
Fred Marchant
Topic: Music in Our Lives: A Poetry Workshop
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This session will invite participants to write about any aspect of music in their lives.  “The music could be from any tradition,” Fred says, “be it classical or jazz or rock and roll or hip-hop. You could indeed write a song lyric, or write about music that lives on in memory, or focus on a musical instrument, a music lesson, a music teacher. You might want to capture in a poem what it feels like to witness a great performance, or even a not-so-good piece of music that failed to touch you. In other words, it’s my hope that you might find a wide-open range of possibility within this topic, and that it will inspire some new poems.” Participants should bring with them a new poem about music that can be discussed during the workshop.
Price  $ 25.00
Susan Donnelly Craft Workshop
March 12, 2016
Susan Donnelly
Topic: Choices and Changes (Revision & Critique)

Bringing a poem to completion involves continuous decision-making and self-critiquing, both conscious and instinctive. In this session, through discussion and writing exercises, participants will consider some of these choices and changes: titles and how they may change a poem; beginnings and endings, where we sometimes say too much; the key energies that emerge and remain through rewriting and how to recognize them. For insight and morale-building, we’ll also look at comments and rough drafts from some well-known writers who’ve gone through the same process. Participants may bring in a completed/near completed poem, along with an earlier draft, for general discussion.

Price  $ 25.00
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